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  • D Rubber Fender
D Rubber Fender

D Rubber Fender

  • Product description: D Rubber Fender is anti-collision equipment used on dock and ship, to prevent or eliminate damage to a ship or dock.

D Rubber Fender

Fender is an elastic buffer device of rubber use of ships dock edge. Mainly used to slow the ship and dock impact, or between ships in dock impact, or mooring process impact, to prevent or eliminate damage to a ship or dock

Technical Feature

1.Suitable reaction force, it may absorb more energy than that of cylindrical type; installation is more convenient to work;

2.D rubber fender with high energy absorption and reaction force, and has low cost, long service life, easy maintenance advantages, dock installed more protective device.

3.Applicable for frame dock and ships due to the smaller bottom width. Especially for in frame dock and the ship's rail installation and use.

D type rubber fender
Model H B h D d
D200×200×L 200 200 35 φ60 φ27
D300×300×L 300 300 40 φ65 φ32


400 400 55 φ80 φ40
D500×500×L 500 500 90 φ97 φ45

D type rubber fender performance
Model Compression Reaction Absorb Tolerence
D200×200×850 50 176.2 7.1 ±10
D200×200×1000 207.3 8.4
D200×200×1500 310.9 12.6
D300×300×850 255 10
D300×300×1000 294.3 11.8
D300×300×1500 411.5 16.7
D400×400×850 325.2 16.7
D400×400×1000 382.6 19.6
D400×400×1500 573.9 29.4
D500×500×850 383.6 26.7
D500×500×1000 451.3 31.4
D500×500×1500 686.7 47.1