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Marine Door

Marine Door

  • Product description: In the form of watertight door has hinge and sliding type.

In the form of watertight door has hinge and sliding type.

Use on ships watertight door has the following three grade:

Grade 1 -- hinged door; Grade 2 -- manual sliding door; Grade 3 -- power and hand sliding door.

Weathertight doors

From above the freeboard deck enclosed superstructure wall of both ends entrance requirement installed weathertight door.

(1) steel weathertight

The structure with steel hinged watertight doors are similar, but door plate is thin, handle number of doors are less, sealing property worse, only to ensure tightness wind and rain.

(2) aluminum weathertight

It is divided into two types, the hinge type and the sliding type, tightness is poor.

Quick open steel door

The structure of the door is light, arranged at the entrance and exit of storage room, sanitary space and the like, where without tightness requirement.

Fireproof door

Fireproof door that door plate and door frame made of steel plate, and mosaic of asbestos and other refractory material of fire insulation. Installed on the fire control area bulkhead, normally open; when fire occurs, the temperature rises to a certain value that the door can be closed automatically, or gate is arranged on the pinned magnetic device, off power door will automatically shut down. According to the water tightness of opening cabin, the fire door is divided into watertight type and non-watertight type. Fire door open and close type also has Hinged and sliding type.

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