Marine Anchor Windlass

 Marine Windlass

  • Marine Anchor windlass
Marine Anchor windlass

Marine Anchor windlass

  • Product description: Marine Anchor Windlass installation on the ship bow and stern main deck,for ship set sail or hauling, ship suspended anchor.

Marine Anchor Windlass

Windlass mainly by base, bracket, chain wheel, brakes, sprocket, gear box, control system (manual windlasses except ) and other components, electric windlass motor and hydraulic windlass with hydraulic pump station.

The main specifications of windlass include diameter of anchor chain, anchor nominal speed, rated load, support load, speed, power system voltage etc.Windlass in ship installation to ensure the chain and sprocket wrap angle is 117 - 120 degrees.

Classification of windlass

1.manual windlass,steam windlass,

2.electric windlass (DC electric windlass, AC electric windlass)

3.hydraulic windlass (high pressure hydraulic windlass, middle pressure hydraulic windlass,low pressure hydraulic windlass. line direction - horizontal windlass, vertical anchor chain wheel capstan

5.arrangement – double gypsy windlass, single gypsy windlass, combined windlass