Marine Bolted Rectangular Window

 Marine Window

  • Marine Bolted Rectangular Window
Marine Bolted Rectangular Window

Marine Bolted Rectangular Window

  • Product description: Marine Bolted Rectangular Window install on superstructure above freeboard deck and deck house for for light or ventilation.

Marine Bolted Rectangular Window

Rectangular window according to the size of the rib spacing with a suitable window, the other to consider is water tight pressure. Bear pressure less than 5m water column. Ship windows arrangement of each deck size, height and form should be unified as much as possible

Marine window transparent size 400mm x 300mm can bear 50Pa pressure, 350mm x 50mm, 400mm x 550mm, 450mm x 600mm can be confined to 20Pa. In the superstructure of the general compartment window, the large size of the (550mm x 600mm, 600mm x 700mm, 800mm x 900mm) window is used to request a wide driving room.


1.Common(N) heavy(E), nominal size 450x630mm, convex shoulder height 16, hinged, left inward opening, bolted(ILB), material combination 111, satety glass (Y1):

2.Fireproof(P) light (F), nominal size 450x630mm, convex shoulder height 16, upper hinged, inward opening, bolted(ITB), material combination 111, B-15 fireproof glass:

3.Heating(H) Light (F), nominal 450x630mm, convex shoulder height 30, fixed, welding(NOW), material combination 233, with overheating protection, power load 12W/ dm2, 220V, 60Hz:

series type size opening R frame size
300x425 352x477 76 348x473 430x555
355x500 407x552 76 403x548 485x630
400x560 452x612 76 448x608 530x690
450x630 502x682 126 498x678 580x760
500x710 552x762 126 548x758 630x840
560x800 612x852 126 608x848 690x930
900x630 952x682 126 948x678 1030x760
1000x710 1052x762 126 1048x758 1130x840
1100x800 1152x852 126 1148x848 1230x930