Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

 Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

  • SWCM 50 Marine Sewage Treatment Plant
SWCM 50 Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

SWCM 50 Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Product description: While satisfy the requirement of IMO resolution MEPC.159(55).This device has characteristics of small size,light weight and compact structure, especially suitable for small installation space room.

SWCB 50 Persons Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

Marine Sewage Treatment Plant belongs to the key devices for prevention of pollution form ships in seas. according to the revised Annex IV of the International Convention of the Prevention of Pollution (MARPOL 73/78).This device is applicable to treat the sewage, which means wastes from the toilets on vessels and also called“black water”, to meet the effluent standards of IMO. MEPC.159(55), and discharge the effluent overboard .

The water discharging for this device meets the IMO standard. The water discharge meets the international stipulated discharging standard , and accords with the request of MEPC159(55) resolution of international maritime organization on environmental committe and international waste liquid discharge standard. The device flushing water is applicable to clean seawater and fresh water.

50 Persons Marine Sewage Treatment Plant Parameters

Marine Sewage Treatment Plant 50
capacity Rate(L/d) 3780
Summit(L/h) 473
Organic(kgBOD5/d) 1.89
Rated Persons 50
Max Persons 54
Voltage AC380V/50Hz/3Φ ;  AC440/60Hz/3Φ
Power(kw) 3
Dimensions(L×W×H) 2300x1700x1820
Weight Netkg 1450
Grosskg 5073
Discharge Standard TSS<35mg/,BOD5<25mg/L,COD<125mg/L,Colinchin<100pcs/100ml,PH:6~8.5